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smarter. not harder

Small business is the engine room of our economy. Our smart technology platform takes the pain out of knowing where you stand and getting the specific cover you need based on your individual risk profile.
you focus on building your dream - and we worry about the rest

best names in the business

We've partnered with some of the biggest insurers to deliver a new world of business cover for a modern, mobile world

know where you stand

No more big fees or admin costs. Just a simple service fee

payout without pain

You know how insurance providers seem to magically close their doors at payout time? We're about to change all that

It's never been so easy, quick and secure
to protect your future

best-in-breed TECHNOLOGY

 From login to protection in minutes  

No painful form-filling. Do it once and your data is secured to be
applied across other potential policy purchases

Claims have never been easier with our intuitive Artificial Intelligence

 Full transparency and control over your data at all times through
secure, distributed ledger technology

Security is king. We use SSL secured login and 256 bit encryption
to secure all data on our platform

ADjust your protection on the go


Empower yourself to make big decisions by understanding
your risk

 Access to your protection profile anywhere

 Protection adjustment to suit your current situation

 Easy to understand visual experience


FIXING the right problems can change the world


A single source of the truth is great, but cross validated data is indisputable. VALLUM provides an ecosystem of validated data.

more SOON


In a world where the rate of change will never again be as slow as it is today, speed is not enough. VALLUM provides acceleration.

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We think differently

Better is progress - different is AMAZING

Building a brand that does!

Start-up’s are messy, all-consuming environments. Everything that established businesses take for granted has to be thought through and executed from brand development to technology development; the setting up of bank accounts to the building of new partnerships. It’s an “Everest” of a task. So where do you start? Click here to find out more...

Insurance is dead, long live insurance!

When Alphonse Karr, celebrated satirist and former Editor of le Figaro, coined the satirical epigram "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" he might have been talking about today’s insurance industry. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Read more here...

Anti money-laundering legislation to hit Kiwi SME businesses from next month

The number of Kiwi businesses that need to comply with AML / CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and combating the Financing of Terrorism) legislation will quadruple overnight. Click here to read more.